Important Note: There are many shady vendors and products on Clickbank hence I would not recommend affiliate marketing on Clickbank, especially for beginners just starting out. It is widely known that not only are most products low in quality, some are even outright scams while others are ethically dubious. 

If entering this arena isn’t your cup of tea, I’d suggest looking at other more legitimate ways such as dropshipping, higher quality affiliate marketing networks such as Click Junction or being direct affiliate partners with companies like Amazon and

My biased recommendation would be to consider Wealthy Affiliate which focuses more on building niche sites and SEO – you can create a free account with no time limit to access some of their training videos or read my full review to find out more.

Getting started with affiliate marketing on Clickbank and going through the sea of information online can be very challenging and frustrating.

You are unsure if what you are doing is correct and afraid of spending unnecessary time and money that will eventually yield zero results.

Having that nagging feeling about why you are not getting results and conversions also keeps you up at night.

You want to find out if there’s something you’re missing that can give you an edge in making your Clickbank affiliate journey even more successful.

If you can relate to this, then you’ve come to the right place.

Those reasons are exactly why I’ve compiled the various Clickbank tips and tricks that I know of onto this page for your convenience and easy reference.

Some tips and tricks are things that you can immediately start applying and implementing.

There are also other tips that will prove more useful in guiding your way of thinking about Clickbank and/or the affiliate products itself.

I hope that this compendium of Clickbank tips and tricks will be able to provide value for you and bring you one step closer to your goal in making a living on the Internet.

Overview for Quick Navigation

  1. High Avg $/sale Clickbank products may not be the best choice
  2. Understand what Gravity really means
  3. Watch movements in Gravity score
  4. Rules of Thumb for Gravity score
  5. Check for an Affiliate page and quality marketing collaterals
  6. Look for a discount link that gives you a competitive edge
  7. Try not to use pre-written content, articles and reviews
  8. Capture emails of your traffic first before sending them to your affiliate link

1. High Avg $/sale Clickbank products may not be the best choice

You may be attracted to the high commission rates on some Clickbank products.

Some will show average commissions of $100 and even up to $200 or more.

What’s usually the case for most people who promote such products and send hundreds of clicks over to that affiliate link is that nothing happens.

Zilch. Nada.

Why is this the case?

Higher ticket items usually have a much lower conversion rate compared to low ticket items.

This could be due to a number of factors such as the product being in a very small niche or that the sales landing page is simply not persuasive enough.

But think about it.

What would go through your mind right now if you were to shell out $599 or even $1,299 from your wallet to pay for some product?

What if that product was now $49?

Right, those are the exact same thoughts that would run through every customers’ minds.

I’m not saying it’s impossible to get conversions but you will need to either have a solid foundation already set up or spend a lot on ads to get paid traffic.

If you’re only just starting out and dabbling with online marketing via Clickbank, you should really want to make all your efforts count as much as possible.

What should you do instead?

Build up your confidence (and email list) and get some small wins first.

Get the entire process right from setting up your website to building your funnel to getting traffic instead of being overly focused on the money.

2. Understand what Gravity really means 

This is one of the key concepts that you really have to pin down and understand it inside out.

What is Gravity exactly?

Gravity is basically an indication of the number of people who have earned a commission in the last 12 weeks (90 days) promoting that product.

According to Clickbank, an amount between 0.1 and 1.0 is assigned to an individual affiliate, depending on when his/her last transaction occurred.

The more recent the transaction, the higher the value (closer to 1.0).

In other words, a gravity of 188 means that approximately 188 people have sold that particular product in the last 90 days

AKA it means that a significant number of people are making money by selling this product, and you may want to consider joining in on the action!

Two things to take note here though.

Very high gravity for a product will also indicate very high competition with many affiliate marketers already promoting it.

However, this could also mean more available opportunities, perhaps to form partnerships or Joint Ventures (JV).

Usually, a high gravity score also correlates with a higher conversion rate compared to other products.

Hence, the ideal scenario will be for you to have a good traffic source with the relevant demographic for the niche.

For example, an email list in that niche which you have grown over time.

Sending your list to this offer could then yield a much higher return with the expected higher conversion rate.

Conversely, a low gravity score may not mean that the affiliate product is bad.

It could instead signal that this is a new product or an undiscovered gem on the marketplace.

What you can do is check the activation time of the product to verify when it was added to the Clickbank marketplace.

If it’s new or if you think that the product has potential, monitor the movement of its gravity score every week and watch for any increase.

Once you see an upward trend, start taking action immediately to capitalise on this opportunity.

3. Watch for movements in Gravity score

You can learn a lot of things from knowing if the gravity increased or have dropped drastically in the last week.

For example, if a vendor’s gravity dropped tremendously from 300 to 100 over 2 weeks, is it still a good product that’s worth your time, effort and money?

It may still seem so as approximately 100 affiliates have made commissions in the last 12 weeks, doesn’t it?

However, this rapid drop in gravity also implies that either very few affiliates have made commissions in the past 2 weeks or that there is a very high rate of refunds.

You really don’t want to waste your time, effort and money promoting something that does not convert well or have high refunds.

To view the trends in a product’s gravity score for free, you can either consider CBEngine or CBGraph.

Using the free version of CBEngine will show you how the gravity has changed over the last five days.

Important tip here – do not be misled by the shape of a graph or by the units on the vertical axis.

For example, while it may seem like a sharp decrease in the graph above, it is only a drop in gravity from 176.5 to 174.5 – a ‘grand’ total of 2.0 which is relatively insignificant.

What should you do instead?

Compare the initial gravity to the final gravity to determine and analyse any potential impacts instead of relying on the intuitive shape of the graph.

Some factors that affect the movement of the gravity score:

– decrease in price of product will usually result in an increase in gravity

– when a similar product has been released by another vendor, there may be a decrease in gravity as more affiliate switch over to promote the other product

– when the vendor hosts a new contest with attractive rewards for affiliates, there will usually be an increase in gravity with more aggressive marketing and promotions

4. Rules of Thumb for Gravity Score

Gravity < 5

This indicates that very few affiliates are selling or have sold this product which could be due to factors such as a poor sales landing page or lack of marketing collaterals.

5 < Gravity < 20

Check the product’s activation date and if it is a relatively new product released a couple months ago you can add it to your watchlist of potential products.

Consider promoting it if its popularity and gravity starts to rise rapidly.

A product with a gravity level close to 20 also indicates that most of the tools and marketing collaterals needed for affiliates to be successful are already in place.

20 < Gravity < 100

Products within these range are some of the most appropriate that you can promote.

They are within that online sweet spot where competition isn’t insanely high, products are being successfully sold, and value is being provided to customers (with a low refund rate).

Gravity > 100

These are very high conversion products but also with very high numbers of competitors promoting it just as you are.

You can potentially make a lot of money if you are a seasoned affiliate and already have the right foundation (website, sales and marketing funnel, email list etc).

If you’re not quite there yet, you have to be careful to not bite off more than you can chew.

5. Check for an Affiliate page and quality marketing collaterals

Before you start marketing any affiliate product, check that the vendor has their own affiliate page as well as marketing collaterals which you can use (saves you time from creating any content or collateral by yourself.)

These marketing collaterals can include banners and images of various sizes and designs, videos, email swipes and templates and research about their targeted demographic.

An excellent example will be Red Tea Detox’s affiliate page where you can see they provide almost anything and everything that you will need to get started.

All in all, this will be an indicator of the vendor’s investment and commitment in making their product a success.

Ultimately, choose a vendor that spares no expense in making things easier for their affiliates and you will find more success in your Clickbank affiliate marketing journey.

Also, look out for the quality of the affiliate product landing page as that can translate to a significantly higher conversion rate.

The length of the page and information on it may not matter as much because some vendors use a Video Sales Letter (VSL) format where the video will do all the selling.

6. Look for a discount link that gives you a competitive edge

One of the common mistakes you can make in marketing Clickbank products is by directing traffic to the main landing page instead of driving them to a page with an attractive offer.

For example, instead of using the standard link, using the link that provides more value with the discounted offer will usually lead to more conversions.

However, this comes with a caveat that you will have to do some ‘warming up’ of the reader on your website, for example through a persuasive review with the discount coupon/link as a final close.

7. Try not to use pre-written content, articles and reviews

While the very good products may come with pre-written reviews and articles, you should always attempt to write something of your own instead of simply “copying and pasting” those pre-written work.

Let the reader know that you have invested the time and energy to do your own research and analysis before blindly recommending a product.

Most people can tell the difference, especially if a product is competitively marketed with dozens of “review sites” popping up on Google with the same review.

In any case, an authentic piece of writing on your website almost always works better than one scripted by a ghostwriter behind the scenes and reused by hundreds of other marketers.

If you don’t have the confidence or proficiency in writing your own articles and reviews, you can consider outsourcing the writing to a freelancer on either Fiverr or Upwork (higher quality in general).

8. Capture emails of your traffic first before sending them to your affiliate link

One mistake that beginners make is that they send traffic directly to the affiliate link without attempting to capture their emails first through a lead or squeeze page.

Getting visitors to your pages is an extremely difficult (and sometimes costly) thing to do, so it can be quite disappointing if they leave without even clicking on any links.

There are a few things you can do to maximise the value of every visitor.

a. Have a popup asking visitors for their email.

Almost everyone hates popups, but it works.

What you have to do is to give visitors a good reason to leave their email.

It could be a free e-book, a free trial for something, a free SEO report, or highly valuable information that would appeal to them.

Your chances of getting their emails increase with a great offer.

b. Have a email signup form at your sidebar.

As most people automatically cancel a popup once it appears, you also have to consider other methods to maximise your visibility.

One of things you can do is to add an email signup form to your sidebar on your website.

This will increase the chances of it being noticed by your visitors and you then have a higher chance of getting their email before they leave your site.

c. Set up a Facebook retargeting pixel or Google Adwords remarketing pixel

This is a slightly indirect method as what you are doing is attempting to reach out to past visitors to your site on either Facebook or Google.

Without either the Facebook pixel or Google pixel on your website, once a visitor leaves your page, they are gone forever with no way for you to actively engage them again.

And let’s face it, almost everyone in your target audience uses Facebook or Google nowadays.

Using these pixels allows you to reconnect with these silent visitors again on Facebook or Google to draw them back into your website.

Compared to completely new visitors, it will be easier to attract past visitors as they are already somewhat familiar with your website.

You will then have a second chance at attempting to capture their emails.


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I hope that this compendium of Clickbank Tips and Tricks have proven useful to you. Do let me know in the comments below if this has helped you in any way.

PS: If you know of other tips and tricks, do contribute by commenting below and I will add it into the compendium!


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