Tools and Resources

We’ve compiled a list of essential tools and resources for you to build and grow your affiliate marketing business.

Being equipped with the right tools and resources (not necessarily the most expensive) will make a huge difference as the effects compound over time.

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Overview of Tools and Resources

Web Hosting


With plenty of web hosts out there, we understand that it can be difficult to make a decision about which to use especially with so many factors to consider such as price, service, support, uptime and dependability. SiteGround possesses one of the best reputations for web hosting while providing their service at affordable rates.


A popular and decent alternative to SiteGround would be Bluehost which is also easy to set up and affordable. One plus point is their modern and sleek user interface as compared to SiteGround. A viable choice if you need an established hosting provider with good support, uptime and unlimited emails and domain (on the plus and above plans).


This is for those who are more technically inclined as it requires more advanced knowledge to set up and config. The benefits of DigitalOcean are that you get more value in terms of server resources for each dollar. For WordPress installations, we recommend using a DigitalOcean + Serverpilot combination to quickly set up a blazingly fast site at low cost.

Email Tools


When it comes to email, one of the most important things to consider is email deliverability – do your subscribers actually receive your email or does it get blocked by their email server, sent to junk, or to the “Promotions” Tab in Gmail. ConvertKit has proven to the best email tool for marketers in this comprehensive study.


Coming in a close second place would be GetResponse that handles marketing automation, landing pages and webinars on top of email marketing. Overall, it has very good email deliverability and is affordable with scalable pricing plans; one drawback is that some of their emails are likely to get sent to Gmail’s Promotions Tab.

Marketing Research & Analysis


An advanced keyword research tool, Jaaxy was built by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers. Jaaxy will help you uncover niches for your online businesses together with optimal keywords for you to rank for. More importantly, it can help you monitor and track keyword rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo for any website.


One of the most established online marketing tools around, SEMrush has been a staple tool for many affiliate marketers. An advanced tool, SEMrush covers not only SEO, but also Paid Traffic, Social Media, as well as Content and PR analysis. We recommend using SEMrush only if you are very serious, very experienced and know what you doing.

Google Keyword Planner

This user-friendly and free tool from Google can be used by anyone from beginners to novices and experts. While limited in some insights such as your site rankings for keywords and SEO audits, the keyword planner is very useful in helping you decide the basics such as the competitiveness, cost and searches for your selected keywords.

Training Platforms

Wealthy Affiliate

This is one of our top recommendations for affiliate marketers, especially if you are just starting out on your online affiliate marketing or lifestyle entrepreneur journey. Wealthy Affiliate can provide you with a solid foundation in the basics while supporting you with one of the most active, dynamic and helpful affiliate communities on the whole internet.