Affiliate Marketing Tips – Getting Started With The Basics

Affiliate Marketing involves the promotion of products or services, and earning a commission when a purchase (or desired action, like a download) is made through your referral link.

Here are some tips to help you along your affiliate marketing journey:

Always Disclose Your Affiliate Relationship(s)

Be transparent and trustworthy to your readers.

If you are using affiliate links, let them know. Why? Doing so lets your reader know that what you are saying is inherently more credible than somebody just trying to make a quick buck.

A good example of someone excelling in transparency and trustworthiness is Pat Flynn.

Focus on Building Relationships – Trust is key

The internet is filled with countless snake-oil medicine men peddling their wares. Similar to the real world, people will be on guard and skeptical when a stranger recommends a product or service. You’ll be thinking, “What’s in it for them? Why is he/she being so helpful?”

Conversely, if a close friend were to recommend a product or service, you would listen as you know that he or she would have your best interests at heart.

Promote Products You Are Already Using

Walk the Talk. This is essential to building relationships and trust with your readers. How would you know something is good and worth its money if you have not tried it for yourself yet? And yet expect others to part with their hard-earned money.

Start with the essentials first – web hosting such as Bluehost; marketplaces such as envato.

Be honest and talk about what you like and don’t like – this helps you to be unbiased and build more trust.

Regularly review your old posts and look for affiliate opportunities

Besides refreshing your old posts with more updated content (and thus helping your SEO), it’s good if you always do a quick check on Google to find out if you are missing out on any affiliate opportunities for the product/service that you are providing. A great way to start would be by filtering your site’s analytics (Google Analytics or otherwise) and find out your most popular posts and pages.

Add A Bonus or Freebie

Offer a bonus or freebie to sweeten the deal and entice the reader to follow through with the desired action. It would be best if the bonus offered is complimentary to the product you’re promoting.

Diversify affiliate products

Be creative and be open to consider promoting other affiliate products on your website. There are many ways in which you can generate income for your site such as by selling your own product, offering a service or selling ad space on your website.

Attach Affiliate Link to Images

A common missed opportunity for many affiliate marketers. Instead of having your image link to its upload page and do nothing, why not have it send readers to a related sales or squeeze page? Moreover, people are becoming increasingly accustomed to clicking images with the rise of sites like Pinterest and Instagram.

Always Make Affiliate Links nofollow

Google does not want commercial and paid-for webpages to influence search results as it can negatively impact users. Hence, to reduce Google’s suspicion of your site being part of a link scheme or manipulating links in some way, a good practice would be to use nofollow on such links.

Example: <a href=“” rel=“nofollow”>Your Website</a

Create a “Tools and Resources” Page

A useful way to centralise your favourite products and services that you use (or would recommend) while being an easy and exceptional way to highlight some affiliate links.


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